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Karaoke Music Player Aao, Mere Saath Gaana Gao (Come, Sing Along With Me). At, we believe that Any Body Can Sing (ABCS) and once you experience the pleasure of hearing your own voice in melody, you will want to sing again and again. We've all grown up with that one cousin in the family, the one who's known for their spectacular singing voice. But, at we believe that singing is not the privilege of the select few.


We encourage YOU to sing, because singing is love, singing is therapeutic, singing is confidence, singing is therapy, but most of all, singing is fun! Our minds and bodies are rhythmic, just like the rhythms of our heart beat, so sing along to either by yourself or with friends and family for a sure-shot sense of happiness, elevation and positivity. is proud to be the world's largest library of Indian Karaoke music, with a choice of 15096 songs. Our team of musicians recreate soulful karaoke melodies, which can now be performed using the high quality microphones provided by


Now, YOU can have a theatrical, magical ambience and experience at your fingertips. Re-create your own magic wherever and whenever, with an added feature of adjusting Pitch / Scale and tempo as per your singing needs.

Our Online Karaoke:
tickis as low as $ 4.95/Month or $ 49.95/Year only
tickdoes not require any Software Download
tickis a 100% commercial free Multifeatured Karaoke player with Pitch / Scale and Tempo Control
tickhas original background music and chorus for many Songs ideal for Karaoke
tickhas a large library of Karaoke Songs
tickhas new Karaoke Songs added weekly
tickallows you to build your Favorite Karaoke Playlists
tickpermits unlimited anywhere access 24/7 365 days a year

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Poster of Aakhri Khat (1966)

Aakhri Khat (1966)
Poster of Gaban (1966)

Gaban (1966)
Poster of Premamayi (1966)

Premamayi (1966)
Poster of Aame Evaru (1966)

Aame Evaru (1966)
Poster of Hum Kahan Ja Rahe Hain (1966)

Hum Kahan Ja Rahe Hain (1966)
Poster of Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966)

Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966)
Poster of Aasra (1966)

Aasra (1966)
Poster of Insaaf (1966)

Insaaf (1966)
Poster of Pyar Mohabbat (1966)

Pyar Mohabbat (1966)
Poster of Aaye Din Bahar Ke (1966)

Aaye Din Bahar Ke (1966)
Poster of Iru Vallavargal (1966)

Iru Vallavargal (1966)
Poster of Ramu (1966)

Ramu (1966)
Poster of Afsana (1966)

Afsana (1966)
Poster of Kanne Manasulu (1966)

Kanne Manasulu (1966)
Poster of Saaz Aur Awaz (1966)

Saaz Aur Awaz (1966)
Poster of Aggibarata (1966)

Aggibarata (1966)
Poster of Karuna (1966)

Karuna (1966)
Poster of Sagai (1966)

Sagai (1966)
Poster of Akalmand (1966)

Akalmand (1966)
Poster of Katari Veera (1966)

Katari Veera (1966)
Poster of Sandhya Raga (1966)

Sandhya Raga (1966)
Poster of Alibaba & 40 Thieves (1966)

Alibaba & 40 Thieves (1966)
Poster of Kodimalar (1966)

Kodimalar (1966)
Poster of Sannata (1966)

Sannata (1966)
Poster of Amrapali (1966)

Amrapali (1966)
Poster of Kunwari (1966)

Kunwari (1966)
Poster of Saraswathi Sabatham (1966)

Saraswathi Sabatham (1966)
Poster of Anbe Vaa (1966)

Anbe Vaa (1966)
Poster of Laadla (1966)

Laadla (1966)
Poster of Sau Saal Baad (1966)

Sau Saal Baad (1966)
Poster of Anupama (1966)

Anupama (1966)
Poster of Ladka Ladki (1966)

Ladka Ladki (1966)
Poster of Sawan Ki Ghata (1966)

Sawan Ki Ghata (1966)
Poster of Avan Pithana (1966)

Avan Pithana (1966)
Poster of Lal Bangla (1966)

Lal Bangla (1966)
Poster of Shankhabela (1966)

Shankhabela (1966)
Poster of Badal (1966)

Badal (1966)
Poster of Letha Manasulu (1966)

Letha Manasulu (1966)
Poster of Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1966)

Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1966)
Poster of Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966)

Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966)
Poster of Love & Murder (1966)

Love & Murder (1966)
Poster of Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1966)

Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1966)
Poster of Bahuroopi (1966)

Bahuroopi (1966)
Poster of Love In Tokyo (1966)

Love In Tokyo (1966)
Poster of Smuggler (1966)

Smuggler (1966)
Poster of Belli Moda (1966)

Belli Moda (1966)
Poster of Mahakavi Kalidas (1966)

Mahakavi Kalidas (1966)
Poster of Sri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966)

Sri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966)
Poster of Biradari (1966)

Biradari (1966)
Poster of Main Wohi Hoon (1966)

Main Wohi Hoon (1966)
Poster of Sri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966)

Sri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966)
Poster of Biwi Aur Makan (1966)

Biwi Aur Makan (1966)
Poster of Major Chandrakant (1966)

Major Chandrakant (1966)
Poster of Street Singer (1966)

Street Singer (1966)
Poster of Budtameez (1966)

Budtameez (1966)
Poster of Mamta (1966)

Mamta (1966)
Poster of Sunehre Kadam (1966)

Sunehre Kadam (1966)
Poster of Chandhrodhayam (1966)

Chandhrodhayam (1966)
Poster of Mera Saaya (1966)

Mera Saaya (1966)
Poster of Suraj (1966)

Suraj (1966)
Poster of Chandrodayam (1966)

Chandrodayam (1966)
Poster of Mere Lal (1966)

Mere Lal (1966)
Poster of Sushila (1966)

Sushila (1966)
Poster of Chhota Bhai (1966)

Chhota Bhai (1966)
Poster of Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1966)

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1966)
Poster of Teesri Kasam (1966)

Teesri Kasam (1966)
Poster of Chilaka Gorinka (1966)

Chilaka Gorinka (1966)
Poster of Monihar (1966)

Monihar (1966)
Poster of Teesri Manzil (1966)

Teesri Manzil (1966)
Poster of Daadi Maa (1966)

Daadi Maa (1966)
Poster of Naag Mandir (1966)

Naag Mandir (1966)
Poster of Thakur Jarnail Singh (1966)

Thakur Jarnail Singh (1966)
Poster of Devar (1966)

Devar (1966)
Poster of Natun Jiban (1966)

Natun Jiban (1966)
Poster of Thanipiravi (1966)

Thanipiravi (1966)
Poster of Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966)

Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966)
Poster of Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966)

Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966)
Poster of Toofan Mein Pyaar Kahan (1966)

Toofan Mein Pyaar Kahan (1966)
Poster of Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (1966)

Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (1966)
Poster of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (1966)

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (1966)
Poster of Uski Kahani (1966)

Uski Kahani (1966)
Poster of Dillagi (1966)

Dillagi (1966)
Poster of Pati Patni (1966)

Pati Patni (1966)
Poster of Vallavan Oruvan (1966)

Vallavan Oruvan (1966)
Poster of Do Badan (1966)

Do Badan (1966)
Poster of Petral Than Pillayya (1966)

Petral Than Pillayya (1966)
Poster of Yaar Nee ? (1966)

Yaar Nee ? (1966)
Poster of Do Dilon Ki Dastan (1966)

Do Dilon Ki Dastan (1966)
Poster of Phool Aur Patthar (1966)

Phool Aur Patthar (1966)
Poster of Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi (1966)

Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi (1966)
Poster of Dr Anand (1966)

Dr Anand (1966)
Poster of Picnic (1966)

Picnic (1966)
Poster of Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai (1966)

Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai (1966)
Poster of Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1966)

Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1966)
Poster of Preet Na Jane Reet (1966)

Preet Na Jane Reet (1966)
Poster of Zamindar (1966)

Zamindar (1966)
Poster of Dus Lakh (1966)

Dus Lakh (1966)