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Karaoke Music Player Aao, Mere Saath Gaana Gao (Come, Sing Along With Me). At, we believe that Any Body Can Sing (ABCS) and once you experience the pleasure of hearing your own voice in melody, you will want to sing again and again. We've all grown up with that one cousin in the family, the one who's known for their spectacular singing voice. But, at we believe that singing is not the privilege of the select few.


We encourage YOU to sing, because singing is love, singing is therapeutic, singing is confidence, singing is therapy, but most of all, singing is fun! Our minds and bodies are rhythmic, just like the rhythms of our heart beat, so sing along to either by yourself or with friends and family for a sure-shot sense of happiness, elevation and positivity. is proud to be the world's largest library of Indian Karaoke music, with a choice of 15088 songs. Our team of musicians recreate soulful karaoke melodies, which can now be performed using the high quality microphones provided by


Now, YOU can have a theatrical, magical ambience and experience at your fingertips. Re-create your own magic wherever and whenever, with an added feature of adjusting Pitch / Scale and tempo as per your singing needs.

Our Online Karaoke:
tickis as low as $ 4.95/Month or $ 49.95/Year only
tickdoes not require any Software Download
tickis a 100% commercial free Multifeatured Karaoke player with Pitch / Scale and Tempo Control
tickhas original background music and chorus for many Songs ideal for Karaoke
tickhas a large library of Karaoke Songs
tickhas new Karaoke Songs added weekly
tickallows you to build your Favorite Karaoke Playlists
tickpermits unlimited anywhere access 24/7 365 days a year

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Poster of Aadhi Raat Ke Baad (1965)

Aadhi Raat Ke Baad (1965)
Poster of Hum Sab Ustad Hain (1965)

Hum Sab Ustad Hain (1965)
Poster of Pandava Vanavasam (1965)

Pandava Vanavasam (1965)
Poster of Aakash Deep (1965)

Aakash Deep (1965)
Poster of Idhaya Kamalam (1965)

Idhaya Kamalam (1965)
Poster of Panjavarnakili (1965)

Panjavarnakili (1965)
Poster of Aasman Mahal (1965)

Aasman Mahal (1965)
Poster of Inapravugal (1965)

Inapravugal (1965)
Poster of Poonam Ki Raat (1965)

Poonam Ki Raat (1965)
Poster of Aayirathil Oruvan (1965)

Aayirathil Oruvan (1965)
Poster of Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965)

Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965)
Poster of Preminchi Choodu (1965)

Preminchi Choodu (1965)
Poster of Adventures Of Robinhood (1965)

Adventures Of Robinhood (1965)
Poster of Janwar (1965)

Janwar (1965)
Poster of Purnima (1965)

Purnima (1965)
Poster of Amarajeevi (1965)

Amarajeevi (1965)
Poster of Johar Mehmood In Goa (1965)

Johar Mehmood In Goa (1965)
Poster of Rishte Naate (1965)

Rishte Naate (1965)
Poster of Arzoo (1965)

Arzoo (1965)
Poster of Kaajal (1965)

Kaajal (1965)
Poster of Rosie (1965)

Rosie (1965)
Poster of Bahu Beti (1965)

Bahu Beti (1965)
Poster of Kakkum Karangal (1965)

Kakkum Karangal (1965)
Poster of Sadhi Manse (1965)

Sadhi Manse (1965)
Poster of Bedaag (1965)

Bedaag (1965)
Poster of Kalankari Vilakkam (1965)

Kalankari Vilakkam (1965)
Poster of Saheli (1965)

Saheli (1965)
Poster of Bekhabar (1965)

Bekhabar (1965)
Poster of Kamapurta Mama (1965)

Kamapurta Mama (1965)
Poster of Sangram (1965)

Sangram (1965)
Poster of Bettada Huli (1965)

Bettada Huli (1965)
Poster of Khandan (1965)

Khandan (1965)
Poster of Santhi (1965)

Santhi (1965)
Poster of Bheegi Raat (1965)

Bheegi Raat (1965)
Poster of Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum (1965)

Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum (1965)
Poster of Sati Naari (1965)

Sati Naari (1965)
Poster of Bhool Na Jana (1965)

Bhool Na Jana (1965)
Poster of Lootera (1965)

Lootera (1965)
Poster of Satya Harishchandra (1965)

Satya Harishchandra (1965)
Poster of Bhoot Bungla (1965)

Bhoot Bungla (1965)
Poster of Maavana Magalu (1965)

Maavana Magalu (1965)
Poster of Shaheed (1948)

Shaheed (1948)
Poster of Bombay Race Course (1965)

Bombay Race Course (1965)
Poster of Mahasati Ansuya (1965)

Mahasati Ansuya (1965)
Poster of Shaheed (1965)

Shaheed (1965)
Poster of Boxer (1965)

Boxer (1965)
Poster of Mangamma Sapatham (1965)

Mangamma Sapatham (1965)
Poster of Shakunthala (1965)

Shakunthala (1965)
Poster of C I D (1965)

C I D (1965)
Poster of Mere Sanam (1965)

Mere Sanam (1965)
Poster of Shankar Sita Ansuya (1965)

Shankar Sita Ansuya (1965)
Poster of Chand Aur Suraj (1965)

Chand Aur Suraj (1965)
Poster of Miss Leelavathi (1965)

Miss Leelavathi (1965)
Poster of Shanthi (1965)

Shanthi (1965)
Poster of Chemmeen (1965)

Chemmeen (1965)
Poster of Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain (1965)

Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain (1965)
Poster of Shreeman Funtoosh (1965)

Shreeman Funtoosh (1965)
Poster of Chhoti Chhoti Baatein (1965)

Chhoti Chhoti Baatein (1965)
Poster of More Man Mitwa (1965)

More Man Mitwa (1965)
Poster of Sikandar E Azam (1965)

Sikandar E Azam (1965)
Poster of Chor Darwaza (1965)

Chor Darwaza (1965)
Poster of Naadi Aada Janme (1965)

Naadi Aada Janme (1965)
Poster of Sindbad Alibaba Aur Aladin (1965)

Sindbad Alibaba Aur Aladin (1965)
Poster of Do Dil (1965)

Do Dil (1965)
Poster of Naga Pooja (1965)

Naga Pooja (1965)
Poster of Sumangali (1965)

Sumangali (1965)
Poster of Dorikithe Dongalu (1965)

Dorikithe Dongalu (1965)
Poster of Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal (1965)

Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal (1965)
Poster of Teen Devian (1965)

Teen Devian (1965)
Poster of Ek Saal Pehle (1965)

Ek Saal Pehle (1965)
Poster of Namaste Ji (1965)

Namaste Ji (1965)
Poster of Teen Sardar (1965)

Teen Sardar (1965)
Poster of Ek Sapera Ek Lutera (1965)

Ek Sapera Ek Lutera (1965)
Poster of Naya Kanoon (1965)

Naya Kanoon (1965)
Poster of Teesra Kaun (1965)

Teesra Kaun (1965)
Poster of Enga Veetu Pillai (1965)

Enga Veetu Pillai (1965)
Poster of Nee (1965)

Nee (1965)
Poster of Tene Manasulu (1965)

Tene Manasulu (1965)
Poster of Faisla (1965)

Faisla (1965)
Poster of Neela Akash (1965)

Neela Akash (1965)
Poster of Thiruvilayadal (1965)

Thiruvilayadal (1965)
Poster of Faraar (1965)

Faraar (1965)
Poster of Neela Vaanam (1965)

Neela Vaanam (1965)
Poster of Tu Hi Meri Zindagi (1965)

Tu Hi Meri Zindagi (1965)
Poster of Gudi Gantalu (1965)

Gudi Gantalu (1965)
Poster of Nishan (1965)

Nishan (1965)
Poster of Uyyala Jampala (1965)

Uyyala Jampala (1965)
Poster of Guide (1965)

Guide (1965)
Poster of Noor Mahal (1965)

Noor Mahal (1965)
Poster of Veerabhimanyu (1965)

Veerabhimanyu (1965)
Poster of Gumnaam (1965)

Gumnaam (1965)
Poster of Oonche Log (1965)

Oonche Log (1965)
Poster of Vennira Aadai (1965)

Vennira Aadai (1965)
Poster of Hello Mister Zamindar (1965)

Hello Mister Zamindar (1965)
Poster of Panam Padaithavan (1965)

Panam Padaithavan (1965)
Poster of Waqt (1965)

Waqt (1965)
Poster of Himalay Ki God Mein (1965)

Himalay Ki God Mein (1965)
Poster of Panchavarnakili (1965)

Panchavarnakili (1965)
Poster of Zindagi Aur Maut (1965)

Zindagi Aur Maut (1965)