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Karaoke Music Player Aao, Mere Saath Gaana Gao (Come, Sing Along With Me). At, we believe that Any Body Can Sing (ABCS) and once you experience the pleasure of hearing your own voice in melody, you will want to sing again and again. We've all grown up with that one cousin in the family, the one who's known for their spectacular singing voice. But, at we believe that singing is not the privilege of the select few.


We encourage YOU to sing, because singing is love, singing is therapeutic, singing is confidence, singing is therapy, but most of all, singing is fun! Our minds and bodies are rhythmic, just like the rhythms of our heart beat, so sing along to either by yourself or with friends and family for a sure-shot sense of happiness, elevation and positivity. is proud to be the world's largest library of Indian Karaoke music, with a choice of 15088 songs. Our team of musicians recreate soulful karaoke melodies, which can now be performed using the high quality microphones provided by


Now, YOU can have a theatrical, magical ambience and experience at your fingertips. Re-create your own magic wherever and whenever, with an added feature of adjusting Pitch / Scale and tempo as per your singing needs.

Our Online Karaoke:
tickis as low as $ 4.95/Month or $ 49.95/Year only
tickdoes not require any Software Download
tickis a 100% commercial free Multifeatured Karaoke player with Pitch / Scale and Tempo Control
tickhas original background music and chorus for many Songs ideal for Karaoke
tickhas a large library of Karaoke Songs
tickhas new Karaoke Songs added weekly
tickallows you to build your Favorite Karaoke Playlists
tickpermits unlimited anywhere access 24/7 365 days a year

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Poster of Aakhri Insaaf (1980)

Aakhri Insaaf (1980)
Poster of Ellindalo Bandavaru (1980)

Ellindalo Bandavaru (1980)
Poster of Oru Thalai Raagam (1980)

Oru Thalai Raagam (1980)
Poster of Aakrosh (1980)

Aakrosh (1980)
Poster of Fatakadi (1980)

Fatakadi (1980)
Poster of Pappu (1980)

Pappu (1980)
Poster of Aanchal (1980)

Aanchal (1980)
Poster of Garam Khoon (1980)

Garam Khoon (1980)
Poster of Patita (1980)

Patita (1980)
Poster of Aap Ke Deewane (1980)

Aap Ke Deewane (1980)
Poster of Guru (1980)

Guru (1980)
Poster of Phir Wahi Raat (1980)

Phir Wahi Raat (1980)
Poster of Aap To Aise Na The (1980)

Aap To Aise Na The (1980)
Poster of Hanthakana Sanchu (1980)

Hanthakana Sanchu (1980)
Poster of Polladhavan (1980)

Polladhavan (1980)
Poster of Aas Paas (1980)

Aas Paas (1980)
Poster of Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980)

Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980)
Poster of Punnami Naagu (1980)

Punnami Naagu (1980)
Poster of Aasha (1980)

Aasha (1980)
Poster of Hum Paanch (1980)

Hum Paanch (1980)
Poster of Pyaara Dushman (1980)

Pyaara Dushman (1980)
Poster of Aayi Teri Yaad (1980)

Aayi Teri Yaad (1980)
Poster of Humkadam (1980)

Humkadam (1980)
Poster of Pyara Dushman (1980)

Pyara Dushman (1980)
Poster of Abdullah (1980)

Abdullah (1980)
Poster of Jal Mahal (1980)

Jal Mahal (1980)
Poster of Qurbani (1980)

Qurbani (1980)
Poster of Abhilashangale Abhayam (1980)

Abhilashangale Abhayam (1980)
Poster of Johnny (1980)

Johnny (1980)
Poster of Ram Balram (1980)

Ram Balram (1980)
Poster of Agent 009 (1980)

Agent 009 (1980)
Poster of Judaai (1980)

Judaai (1980)
Poster of Ramu To Diwana Hai (1980)

Ramu To Diwana Hai (1980)
Poster of Agreement (1980)

Agreement (1980)
Poster of Jyoti Bane Jwala (1980)

Jyoti Bane Jwala (1980)
Poster of Ravi Chandra (1980)

Ravi Chandra (1980)
Poster of Air Hostess (1980)

Air Hostess (1980)
Poster of Kadal Kattu (1980)

Kadal Kattu (1980)
Poster of Red Rose (1980)

Red Rose (1980)
Poster of Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980)

Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980)
Poster of Kallukkul Eeram (1980)

Kallukkul Eeram (1980)
Poster of Saajan Ki Saheli (1980)

Saajan Ki Saheli (1980)
Poster of Anbukku Naan Adimai (1980)

Anbukku Naan Adimai (1980)
Poster of Karimpana (1980)

Karimpana (1980)
Poster of Sanjh Ki Bela (1980)

Sanjh Ki Bela (1980)
Poster of Apne Paraye (1980)

Apne Paraye (1980)
Poster of Karz (1980)

Karz (1980)
Poster of Sansar (1980)

Sansar (1980)
Poster of Bambai Ka Maharaja (1980)

Bambai Ka Maharaja (1980)
Poster of Kashish (1980)

Kashish (1980)
Poster of Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)

Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)
Poster of Bandish (1969)

Bandish (1969)
Poster of Khubsoorat (1980)

Khubsoorat (1980)
Poster of Seetha Ramulu (1980)

Seetha Ramulu (1980)
Poster of Bandish (1980)

Bandish (1980)
Poster of Khwab (1980)

Khwab (1980)
Poster of Shaadi Se Pehle (1980)

Shaadi Se Pehle (1980)
Poster of Bangaarada Jinke (1980)

Bangaarada Jinke (1980)
Poster of Lootmaar (1980)

Lootmaar (1980)
Poster of Shaan (1980)

Shaan (1980)
Poster of Be-Reham (1980)

Be-Reham (1980)
Poster of Maan Abhiman (1980)

Maan Abhiman (1980)
Poster of Shakthi (1980)

Shakthi (1980)
Poster of Bhalu (1980)

Bhalu (1980)
Poster of Mahalakshmi (1980)

Mahalakshmi (1980)
Poster of Shishirathil Oru Vasantham (1980)

Shishirathil Oru Vasantham (1980)
Poster of Bhathiji Maharaj (1980)

Bhathiji Maharaj (1980)
Poster of Man Pasand (1980)

Man Pasand (1980)
Poster of Sister (1980)

Sister (1980)
Poster of Billa (1980)

Billa (1980)
Poster of Manjil Virinja Pookkal (1980)

Manjil Virinja Pookkal (1980)
Poster of Sitara (1980)

Sitara (1980)
Poster of Bombay 405 Miles (1980)

Bombay 405 Miles (1980)
Poster of Manju Moodal Manju (1980)

Manju Moodal Manju (1980)
Poster of Son Kansari (1980)

Son Kansari (1980)
Poster of Bulundi (1980)

Bulundi (1980)
Poster of Meen (1980)

Meen (1980)
Poster of Subhodayam (1980)

Subhodayam (1980)
Poster of Challenge Ramudu (1980)

Challenge Ramudu (1980)
Poster of Mela (1980)

Mela (1980)
Poster of Sushil Mullick

Sushil Mullick
Poster of Chamaram (1980)

Chamaram (1980)
Poster of Mera Salaam (1980)

Mera Salaam (1980)
Poster of Swapna (1980)

Swapna (1980)
Poster of Chambal Ki Kasam (1980)

Chambal Ki Kasam (1980)
Poster of Moodupani (1980)

Moodupani (1980)
Poster of Swayamvar (1980)

Swayamvar (1980)
Poster of Chann Pardesee (1980)

Chann Pardesee (1980)
Poster of Morchha (1980)

Morchha (1980)
Poster of Takkar (1980)

Takkar (1980)
Poster of Chuttalunnaru Jagratha (1980)

Chuttalunnaru Jagratha (1980)
Poster of Murattu Kaalai (1980)

Murattu Kaalai (1980)
Poster of Taxi Chor (1980)

Taxi Chor (1980)
Poster of Dadar Kirti (1980)

Dadar Kirti (1980)
Poster of Naan Potta Savaal (1980)

Naan Potta Savaal (1980)
Poster of Thakara (1980)

Thakara (1980)
Poster of Dhan Daulat (1980)

Dhan Daulat (1980)
Poster of Nagamalli (1980)

Nagamalli (1980)
Poster of Thaliritta Kinakkal (1980)

Thaliritta Kinakkal (1980)
Poster of Dhooramarigey (1980)

Dhooramarigey (1980)
Poster of Natchatiram (1980)

Natchatiram (1980)
Poster of The Burning Train (1980)

The Burning Train (1980)
Poster of Disco Deewane (1980)

Disco Deewane (1980)
Poster of Nazrana Pyar Ka (1980)

Nazrana Pyar Ka (1980)
Poster of Thodisi Bewafaii (1980)

Thodisi Bewafaii (1980)
Poster of Do Aur Do Paanch (1980)

Do Aur Do Paanch (1980)
Poster of Neeyat (1980)

Neeyat (1980)
Poster of Ullasa Paravaigal (1980)

Ullasa Paravaigal (1980)
Poster of Do Premee (1980)

Do Premee (1980)
Poster of Nenjathai Killathe (1980)

Nenjathai Killathe (1980)
Poster of Unees Bees (1980)

Unees Bees (1980)
Poster of Dostana (1980)

Dostana (1980)
Poster of Nishana (1980)

Nishana (1980)
Poster of Varumayin Niram Sivappu (1980)

Varumayin Niram Sivappu (1980)
Poster of Ek Baar Kaho (1980)

Ek Baar Kaho (1980)
Poster of Nizhalgal (1980)

Nizhalgal (1980)
Poster of Yedanthasthula Meda (1980)

Yedanthasthula Meda (1980)
Poster of Ek Baar Phir (1980)

Ek Baar Phir (1980)
Poster of Oh Bewafaa (1980)

Oh Bewafaa (1980)